Over the years, various European colleges and Universities have offered scholarships worth millions of Euros. And this still happens every year. The Sweden Scholarships for International Students is a scholarship for students across all nations who have been attracted to and benefited from these opportunities. Are you thinking of applying for a scholarship? You can consider Europe.

It’s understood that finding a perfect scholarship (even in Europe) can be a bit challenging as hundred-thousands of scholarships and financial aid programs are available in Europe for International Students. However, this article is for you if you’re in this position.

It has carefully explored the scholarships and financial support schemes across eco-friendly Sweden, a European country.

Sweden Scholarships for International Students

Sweden is a significant country in Europe where students may study for free. Some years back, the Swedish government enacted legislation requiring tuition and application fees from non-EU/EEA students, supported by numerous Swedish Scholarship Programs.

Still today, many Swedish Institutions waive the tuition for international students who are awarded scholarships. So, below is what you need to know about some of the numerous undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for International Students offered in Sweden. 


The Sweden Institute Study Scholarships (SISS)

Whether you want to pursue a bachelor’s, or Master’s degree, you can use SISS, which is for International students that want to follow any of the above academic degrees at Swedish University. SISS is highly selective, and it’s usually based on the applicant’s academic excellence, leadership potential, and ambition to contribute to the growth of their native country. Read further to learn more about this program.

Sweden Scholarships for International Students Country, Eligibility, Application, and Benefits

Over 140 countries are available on the SISS eligibility list. Applicants from any of these countries can apply. Candidates must have completed an upper secondary education to be eligible for the Bachelor’s scholarship and have obtained a Bachelor’s degree for the Master’s scholarship. Applying for a full-time program at Swedish University is compulsory before applying. And in addition, you must not be a citizen or permanent resident of Sweden. 

However, note that all application processes happen online, opening in December of each year. Necessary submissions must be made. These include submitting documents such as transcripts, CVs, and English Language proficiency proof.

Funds for education abroad are included in the benefits of this scholarship. There’s a provision for living and travel expenses. And mainly for the undergraduate degree, SISS covers tuition fees for up to three years, a maximum of two years for the Master’s degree program.


Halmstad University Scholarships

Halmstad University is one of the modern public universities in Sweden. The higher education institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various academic fields. However, Halmstad University Scholarships are for International students pursuing a Master’s degree in any study area available at Halmstad.

Country, Eligibility, Application, and Benefits

Only applicants outside the European Union/European Economic Area and Switzerland can apply for the scholarship each year. In addition, Only students qualified to study a Master’s degree course at Halmstad are eligible.

So, you need to apply for a Master’s degree program before you apply for the scholarship online by filling in an application form. Academic GPA and English proficiency are also put into consideration by the scholarship committee. 

The primary benefit of this scholarship is the provision of funds for education abroad that covers up to 20% or 50% of the tuition fee. However, your living cost during your studies isn’t guaranteed. 

This scholarship is usually granted for a semester. Still, suppose a student can provide satisfactory results at the end of the semester. In that case, the scholarship can be extended till you finish your program.

Lund University Global Scholarship Programme

This scholarship is merit-based and highly selective, as it only considers applicants with stellar academic points. Whether you desire to obtain an undergraduate or Master’s degree in any program offered at Lund University in Sweden, you can apply for this scholarship.


Country, Eligibility, Application, and Benefits

It would help if you were a student from any country other than the EU/EEA and Switzerland to qualify for this program. Also, you must have applied to be admitted to study an undergraduate or a postgraduate course and paid the application fees before your online scholarship application.

This program may cover partial or total tuition fees. However, the living expenses are excluded from the benefits.

Linköping International Scholarships

This scholarship program is for students seeking a Master’s degree. These students must, therefore, possess significant academic potential. This program is valid for a specific year and the Master’s program applied for. In addition, payment is required.

Country, Eligibility, Application, and Benefits

Citizens outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland can apply for the scholarship. To apply, Students must have used a Master’s degree program at Linköping University. They must also submit the necessary documents such as academic transcript, CV, and personal statement.

Also, the English language proficiency test is essential, and all these can be done on the University’s website. After the above steps, applicants can apply for the scholarship, and additional documents might be requested. However, this program reduces tuition fees by 25%, 50%, or 75%.


If you have considered Swedish higher education institutions in your scholarship hunt, kindly understand that there are many scholarship programs across all these Institutions, and the ones provided above are a few.

This article has given you the perfect insight into studying for free in Sweden. It’s therefore highly advisable to be specific about what you want and do more research if the above Institutions are not to your taste.

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