Russell M Nelson Scholarship Brigham young university

IntroductionRussell M Nelson Scholarship Brigham young university

Brigham Young University (BYU), located in the heart of Provo, Utah, has long been committed to cultivating academic success, leadership, and service. The Russell M. Nelson Scholarship is a noteworthy project that exemplifies this devotion.

This scholarship program, named after the revered previous president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and notable alums of Brigham Young University BYU, serves as a beacon of opportunity for students striving to influence their communities and the globe.

The Legacy of Russell M. Nelson

Russell M. Nelson, a visionary leader and significant person in the medical and religious sectors, has left an everlasting imprint on BYU and the world. As a skilled surgeon, he significantly contributed to medical research, and his leadership within his spiritual community inspired many people. The Russell M. Nelson Scholarship honors his commitment to education, service, and spiritual development.


Eligibility & Criteria for ScholarshipsRussell M Nelson Scholarship Brigham young university

The Russell M. Nelson Scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate students from various areas, including the humanities and sciences. Applicants are urged to illustrate how they have incorporated BYU and Russell M. Nelson ideals into their life.

The Russell M. Nelson Prize is Brigham Young University’s most distinguished prize. Recipients are among the university’s most intellectually brilliant pupils. The scholarship, however, is given more than just academic achievement.

Recipients must also exhibit the highest standards of character, leadership, integrity, testimony, commitment to the Church, and modesty in speech, deed, clothing, and grooming, reflecting the qualities articulated in the booklet For the Strength of Youth.

Every year, we choose 50 new incoming first-year students to receive this prize, worth 150% of Latter-day Saint tuition for eight semesters. 

Applicants must submit an essay as part of their standard scholarship application. To choose the beneficiaries of this award, the scholarship committee will consider such material and information from the admissions application.

How was the scholarship established?Russell M Nelson Scholarship Brigham young university

 On Monday, June 14, 2021, President Russell M. Nelson, the First Presidency and leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, launched an education and humanitarian activities.

They are as follows:

Humanitarian aid. For the next three years, the Church donated $2 million yearly “to encourage service and help to those in need” and foster self-sufficiency.


Black students can apply for scholarships. The Latter-day Saints have pledged to pay a $1 million scholarship grant every year for the next three years, which will be managed by the United Negro College pay. 

A fellowship that will send up to 50 students to Ghana to study history. The Church will pay $250,000 to establish the Amos C. Brown Student Fellowship in Ghana, allowing chosen students from the United States to learn more about their ancestors.

President Nelson stated that the Church and the NAACP — a worldwide Church and a national organization united by their conviction “in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man” and in Jesus Christ — are inspired to action. “We demand more civility and kindness.” And we work together to make God’s children happy.”

Financial Assistance and BenefitsRussell M Nelson Scholarship Brigham young university

The Russell M Nelson Scholarship Brigham young university provides recipients with more than simply cash assistance. While the scholarship provides financial support to cover tuition expenses, it also provides a comprehensive educational experience. Scholars can access special events, mentorship opportunities, and a network of like-minded people. This support structure encourages personal development and develops students’ goals to succeed academically and beyond.

The Effect on RecipientsRussell M Nelson Scholarship Brigham young university

The Russell M Nelson Scholarship Brigham young university significantly influences those who receive it. Aside from immediate financial assistance, scholars receive access to resources and contacts to enhance their academic path.


The scholarship not only helps to reduce the financial burden of school, but it also instills a feeling of duty in recipients to give back to their communities. Individuals who have received this award have become leaders in various disciplines, carrying on Russell M. Nelson’s legacy of service and excellence.

The Russell M. Nelson Scholarship program’s fundamental goal is to foster a community of scholars who thrive academically and embrace their responsibilities as leaders and contributors to society. BYU continues to mold individuals who are not only well-prepared professionals but also compassionate and involved citizens by encouraging students to merge their academic pursuits with their commitment to service.


Bachelor’s Degree Host Institution: Brigham Young University

Partial Funding Scholarship

Nationalities eligible: All Nationalities

All subjects offered at Brigham Young University are eligible.

The number of recipients is 50.

The deadline for admission is December 15, 2023.

Scholarship Deadline: August 1, 2023 (Expired)

ConclusionRussell M Nelson Scholarship Brigham young university

The Russell M. Nelson Scholarship at Brigham Young University demonstrates the university’s commitment to developing well-rounded individuals who will benefit the world. Russell M. Nelson’s legacy continues through this scholarship, pushing students to strive for academic greatness.

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