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(a) An element X is represented as 4020X4020X^{40}_{20} X (i) How many electrons and how many neutrons are present in the atom of X? (ii) Write the electronic configuration of the atom (b) Chlorine, whose atomic number is 17, reacts with the element X to form a compound. (i) What type of bond is formed between X and chlorine? (ii) Explain how the bond between X and chlorine is formed (iii) Write the formula of the compound formed and statelhree properties of the compound. (c) Chlorine has two isotopes of mass numbers 35 and 37 respectively. Suggest the possible relative molar masses of a chlorine molecule. (d) Calculate the mass of one atom of carbon, given that one mole of carbon weighs 12.0g. (L = 6.02 x 102323^{23})

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