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Read each passage carefully and answer the questions that follow it. It was summer, early afternoon. Jim ran into the station. The 4.30 train was about to leave. As he ran along the platform he saw a girl just ahead of him. She was young-about his age. He followed her into a carriage and set down opposite her. She took out a magazine and was reading it. He took out a book and pretended to do the same. After a minute he looked up and smiled at her. She didn’t smile back but gave him an encouraging look. Both returned to their reading but this time she was pretending too. He found her attractive and wanted to see her again. But how to arrange it? ………. He had an idea. He took an old envelope out of his pocket and wrote the following wrote the following words: ‘Hello! My number is 123-4567 and my name is Jim. I would very much like to see you again. Ring me at nine. The train arrived at the terminal. Without looking at the girl, he handed her the envelope or rather threw it at her and jumped off the train. When he got home he made himself a cup of coffee and wondered …perhaps she was one those naturally friendly people who smile at everybody. He was listening to the radio when the telephone rang…… was only Umaru. Nine o’clock arrived, then 9.30- and no telephone call from the girl. Feeling miserable he went to bed early. It was a foggy morning. ‘Hello, is that Jim? This is Joan. You……it was two minutes past nine On the train Jim was

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