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As the stranger approached, shola noticed that he was handsome and her excitement increased. It was of such a man she had dreamt. He had fine, arrogant carriage, like a soldier or someone in authority. When he reached the end of the pier, he addressed them in a rich, deep voice that disturbed her as the voluptuous rising of the tide had gone. ‘You’re Tunde Onu, I’m told’, he said to her father. ‘That’s right, said her father. ‘The bus conductor told me you take people to the islands’, the man continued. I’d like to go there if you can take me. Her father examined the man from head to foot, shrewdly measuring his capacity to pay. Then he said: ‘When were you thinking of going?’ ‘Right away’. ‘That’s different story, for my boatman is gone to Badagry and he won’t be back before nightfall. ‘Oh!’ said the stranger. That’s too bad. You couldn’t get someone else instead of him? ‘I would have to think hard’, he said gloomily, for its not everyone would do for the job of going with me beyond the bay to the islands at this time of the year. Shola understood her father’s manoeuvre and felt ashamed. Which of the following is NOT true of the passage?

A British electronics manufacturer has built a factory in which quartz crystals can be grown in 3 weeks. The natural growth of quartz takes 3 million years, and very often the crystals are not sufficiently pure to satisfy the precise needs of science. However, the manufactured crystals are exceptionally pure, and this is important because quartz, in transistors is used in an astonishing number of devices where constant accuracy is required: radio and television transmitters and receivers, space satellites and computers are familiar examples. In order to make artificial quartz, very small pieces of the natural crystal imported from Brazil are placed in long, narrow, steel cylinders. A high pressure and a high temperature are maintained within the cylinders for 3 weeks, and at the end of this the small fragments have grown to the required weight of one pound. The quartz is then ready to be made into the tiny transistors that have replaced the much larger thermionic valves. Transistors have

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