subject combination needed to study Religious Studies under the Faculty of Arts & Humanities include;

  • English Language
  • CRS/IS
  • any other two (2) subjects.


    (i) AAU and OAU require CRS/IS and an Arts or a Social Science subject.

    (ii) AAUA and EKSU require two (2) Arts subjects and one (1) other subject.

    (iii) AUGUSTINE requires CRS/IS and any other Arts subjects.

    (iv) UNIBEN accepts any three (3) subjects.

    (v) SAU requires CRS, Government or History and any other Arts subject.

    (vi) UNIUYO requires CRS and other two (2) subjects from Arts or Social Sciences.

  • O’Level Requirements

    The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study Religious Studies;

    You require;Five (5) SSCE credit passes toinclude English Language and CRS/IS.


    (i) UNIKINGS requires ‘O’ level pass in Mathematics

    (ii) AAUA requires five (5) ‘O’ level credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics, CRS/IS and two (2) other subjects from the Arts or Social Sciences.

    (iii) AUE requiresfive (5) ‘O’ level credit pass in Mathematics and accepts credit passes in IS/Arabic/Government or equivalent/any Nigerian Language.

    (iv) AUGUSTINE requires five (5) ‘O’ level credit passesor equivalent in English Language, CRS/IS, Literature in English and any other Arts subject.

    (v) UNIBEN requires five (5) ‘O’ level credit passes or five (5) Merit level passes in TC II at not more than two (2) sittings. Subjects should include English Language, Religious Studies and two (2) other Arts or Social Science subjects.

    (vi) GOUU requires ‘O’ level credit pass in Mathematics.

    (vii) NDU requires five (5) ‘O’ level credit passes in English Language, Religious Studies plus three (3) other subjects, two (2) of which must be Arts subjects.

    (viii) PAUL requires five (5) ‘O’ level credit passes at not more than two (2) sittings (or equivalent) including English Language, Mathematics and three (3) Arts/Social Science subjects.

    (ix) UNIUYO requiresfive (5) ‘O’ level credit passes in CRS, English Language and any other three (3) subjects from Arts or Social Sciences.

    Direct Entry Requirements

    These are the conditions you need to fulfill to gain Direct Entry admission to study Religious Studies, if you don’t intend to use UTME.

    You require;Two (2) ‘A’ level subjects to include ReligiousStudies (CRS/IS).


    (i) AAU accepts two (2) ‘A’ level passes, to include CRS and one (1) other Arts subject.

    (ii) AAUA accepts ND, NCE or two (2)’A’ level passes from the Arts or Social Sciencesprogramme.

    (iii) ABSU and DELSU accept NCE/ND/HND in Religious or Social Studies or ‘A’ level in three (3) subjects including Religion studies.

    (iv) AUE requires two (2) ‘A’ level passes to include Literature in English and other Arts subjects or NCE credit in English/Political Science. AUGUSTINE accepts two (2) ‘A‘ level passes in any relevant subjects, NCE credit and ND credit in relevant subjects/programme in addition to UTME requirements.

    (v) UNIBEN accepts 
    a) Two (2) passes in Arts and Social Sciences at one (1) sitting.
    b) NCEcredit in CRS or IS/Arabic studies or Religious Studies or Social Studies. In addition, candidates should have an overall credit level pass.
    c) ND credit in Mass Communication.
    d) Any other three (3) subjects.

    (vi) BSU accept NCE/’A’ level passes in CRS, African Religion or its equivalent.

    (vii) UNICAL also accepts NCE in Religious Studies.

    (viii) UNI-IBADAN accepts NCE merit in Religious Studies.

    (ix) IMSU and UNIPORT – No Direct Entry.

    (x) JABU accepts five (5) ‘O’ level credit passes in relevant subjects plus ND or HND.

    (xi) UNIJOS accepts two (2) or three (3) year ND/NCE merit.

    (xii) MCPHERSON accepts NCE credit/merit andgood passes in JUPEB/IJMB inrelevantsubjects.

    (xiii) NDU accepts
    a) a minimum of two (2) ‘A’ level passes, one (1) of which must be any one (1) of the following subjects: English Language, CRS, Government/any Nigeria Language/any Arts subject.
    b) NCE merit in CRS or IS.

    (xiv) OAU accepts two (2) ‘A’ level passes including CRS/IS.

    (xv) SAU and OAU accept NCE in Religious Studies (CRS or IS).

    (xvi) UNIKINGS requires ‘O’ level pass in Mathematics

    (xvii) UNIZIK accepts NCE merit in Religious Studies with four (4) ‘O’ level credit passes in other subjects.

     (xviii) UNIUYO requires two (2) ‘A’ level passessubjects including CRS or NCE Merit in three (3) subjects including CRS.

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