1.The filter in the cigarette reduce the nicotine construct by

  • A. burning
  • B. adsorption
  • C. evaporation
  • D. absorption

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 2. Which of these require crystallization most?

  • A. Drug making
  • B. Cement making
  • C. Paint making
  • D. Perfume making

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 3. Iron is often galvanized in order to

  • A. Make it more malleable
  • B. Remove the impurities unit
  • C. Protect it against corrosion
  • D. Render it passive

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 4. In the industrial production of H2 is removed by (solution)

  • A. washing under pressure
  • B. drying over phosphorus (V) oxide
  • C. passing the mixture to the limewater
  • D. using ammonical copper (I) chlorine

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 5. The gas that is most useful in protecting humans against solar marathon is

  • A. chlorine
  • B. ozone
  • C. carbon IV oxide
  • D. hydrogen sulphur

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 6. Vulcanization involve the removal of

  • A. monometer
  • B. the single bond
  • C. the double bond
  • D. a polymer

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 7. The acid in electrolysis of water is dilute

  • A. HNO3
  • B. CH3COOH
  • C. H2SO
  • D. HCl

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 8. A small quantity of solid ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) texted gently in a test tube, the solid gradually disappear produce two gases. Later, a white cloudy deposit was absence on the cooler part of the test tube. The ammonium chloride is to have undergo

  • A. distillation
  • B. sublimation
  • C. precipitation
  • D. evaporation

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 9.When salt loses its water of crystallization to the atmosphere on exposure, the process is said to be

  • A. efflorescence
  • B. déliquescence
  • C. effervescence
  • D. fluorescence

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 10. Atomicity of ozone is

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4

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