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(a)(i) State two differences betwecii the properties of solids and gases (ii) What process does each of X, Y and Z represent in the changes shown below?   (b)(i) State Charles’ Law (ii) Draw a sketch to graphically illustrate Charles’ Law.   (c) 60 cm of hydrogen diffused through a porous membrane in 10 minutes. The same volume of a gas G diffused through the same membrane in 37.4 minutes. Determine the relative molecular mass of G. [ H = I ]   (d)(i) State two assumptions X of the kinetic theory. (ii) Consider the reaction represented by the Solid   of Liquid following equation: H2(g)2(g)_{2(g)} + Cl2(g)2(g)_{2(g)} →→to 2HCI(g)(g)_{(g)} Use the kinetic theory to explain how the rate of formation of HCI(g)(g)_{(g)} would be affected by I. increase in temperature; II. decrease in pressure.   (e) Given different examples, mention one metal in each case vihich produces hydrogen on reacting with (i) dilute mineral acid; (ii) cold water; (iii) steam; (iv) hot, concentrated alkali.

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