Subject Combination for Forestry Technology

JAMB UTME Requirements

subject combination needed to study Forestry Technology in Polytecnics under the Faculty of Agriculture include;

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • any two of Chemistry, Physics or
    Technical Drawing

O’Level Requirements

The O’level subject combination and requirements needed to study Forestry Technology;
You require; Mathematics,Physics and Chemistry and any two subjects from:
1. Biology/Agricultural Science
2. Technical Drawing,
3. Basic Electronics/Basic Electricity,
4. Auto Mechanics,
5. Metal Work,Woodwork (for Civil Engineering Tech.),
6. Further Mathematics
7. English Language,
8. Geography,
9. Economics/Commerce.For Marine Engineering and
Industrial Safety & Environmental Engineering a pass in Biology is required.
At least a credit pass in English Language is required.

Direct Entry Requirements

These are the conditions you need to fulfill to gain Direct Entry admission to study Forestry Technology, if you don’t intend to use UTME.
You require; A. FCFJOS:
i. Requires either of Biology/Agricultural
Science,Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics,Economics or Geography as UTME subject.
ii. For Horticultural Technology requires five O’ level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology/Agricultural Science and any two of Geography, Physics and Economics is required. At least a pass in Chemistry is Compulsory.
B.COAJA : accepts any three of Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Technical drawing or Geography as UTME subjects.
D.RUGIPO: requires five O’level credit passes in
Biology/Agricultural Sciences, Mathematics and any three from Geography, Food and Nutrition, Technical
Drawing, English Languag.
E. Nigeria Language, Chemistry, Physics, Economics and Home Economics. At least a pass in English Language and Physics are requires.
F. IMOPOLY : requires five credits from SSCE/GCE O’Level Subjects: Biology/Agricural Science, Maths, English Language and any two from the following: Geography, Economics, Statistics, Physics,and Chemistry. A pass in Chemistry is Compulsory.
G.BUPOLY :requires Biology/Agric and two of
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, and Geography as UTME subject.
H. FCWM: requires a pass in English
Language and Chemistry are compulsory. Credit passes in Biology/Agricural Science, Mathematics and any three of the following – Geography, Food and Nutrition, Economics, Technical Drawing, English Language, Physics,Chemistry, Nigerian Language and Home Economics.
I. OYSCAI : requires five O’ level credit passes to
include Mathematics, English Language,Physics, Chemistry and any other one from Biology/Agricultural
Science, basic Electronics/basic Electricity, Auto Mechanics, and Economics/Commerce.
J. RUGIPO : requires five O’ level credit passes to
include Biology/Agricultural Science, Mathematics, Chemistry and two from Geography, Economics,English Language and Physics. It requires at least a pass in English Language.
K. FCFMT: requires credit passes in English Language, Mathematics,Biology/Agricultural Science and any other Science Subject.

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