Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the option that most suitably fills the…

Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the option that most suitably fills the space;
We got to the hall after the play ….


is started

was starting

had started

has started

would start


Correct Answer: Option C

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The importance of the code theory in education lies in the fact that the school system requires the use of an elaborated code but not all students have access to it. The importance of this theory to sociology lies in the fact that the differential access to the elaborated code does not occur randomly but rather is controlled by the class system. Lower working-class urban children tend to have a restricted code. Middle-class children possess both a restricted and an elaborated code. The two groups enter into different types of relationship and learn to express themselves in different ways through language. They do not use language for the same functions, some of which it seems are necessary for the school situation. When the lower working-class child is expected implicity to exploit language for functions, he normally does not express verbally a discontinuity is created between his home and his school environment. He has learned to verbalize certain range of meanings in his home and when he enters school, another range of meaning is required. There is then a very subtle but nonetheless very real, sense in which what is taught is personally irrelevant for this child. The school system does not talk to him. Middle class children possessing both codes experience no such discontinuity. They can use languages for these functions required by the school. ‘Restricted code’ and ‘elaborate code’ are

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