Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence : The principal will be going away…

Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
The principal will be going away on leave. In his absence, the vice president will …. the school


take over

carry on

care for

look after



Correct Answer: Option D

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If we examine the opportunities for education of girls or women in less developed countries, we usually find a dismal picture. In some countries, the ratio of boys to girls in secondary schools is more than seven to one. What happens to the girls? Often they are kept at home to look after younger siblings and to perform a variety of domestic chores. Their education is not perceived as in any way equal in importance to that of boys. When a non-literate or barely literate girl reaches adolescence, she has little or no qualification for employment, even if her community provides any opportunity for the employment of women. The solution is to get her married as soon as possible, with the inevitable result that she produces children too soon, too often and too late. With no formal education, she is hardly aware that there is any alternative. In a study made in Thailand, it was noted that the literate woman marries later and ceases childbearing earlier than her non-literate counterpart. But the latter is so chained to her household by the necessities of gathering fuel, preparing food and tending children that she is very difficult to reach, even if health services, nutrition, education, maternal and child health centres are available in her community. She does not understand what they are intended to do. According to the writer, most girls in less developed countries are not in school because

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