Babcock University announces resumption dates

The management of Babcock University has announced resumption date. The resumption date however, is in phases. Students in 400 level and above will resume first while students in 200 and 300 Levels will resume much later. The resumption date for 100 Level students is yet to be announced.

Consequently, students of the university will resume in batches – A & B, Batch A comprises students in 400 Level for students on four-year programme (e.g Economics, Mass communication); 400 Level and 500 Level for students on five-year programme (e.g Nursing, Law, Medical Laboratory), and 400 Level, 500 Level and 600 Level for students on six-year programme (e.g Medicine and Surgery) who are to resume on Campus on September 20 and 21, while others will continue their classes online.

Parents and students that there is no increment of fees for the current academic year despite the astronomical inflation in the country.

Parents and students should note that to ensure a peaceful, safer and more secure learning campus environment, all the students will be required to do all of the following;

1. Under screening for COVID-19 at the entrance to the University campus for twenty-five thousand naira (N25,000.00) to be borne by each student.

2. Once on campus, students will not be allowed to leave until the period of six weeks to be spent on campus

3. A student who insists on leaving campus for any reason during this period, on return to the campus would be required to go on two weeks isolation. Also, he or she would have to go for additional COVID-19 screening at his or her own cost.

4. To minimize avoidable risks, kindly note that visitation will not be allowed during this period

5. Every student is expected to come with his/her COVID-19 safety kits- at least 1 pack of disposable face mask; or 3 re-usable face mask.

6. Students who can afford it should come with their infrared thermometer

7. Parents will not be allowed into the University campus as they are expected to drop their children/wards at the designated point around the university gate. The University will be responsible for the transportation of the students from the gate to their halls of residence.

8 Each student is advised to reduce the quantity of his or her luggage since students have a shorter period to stay on campus than usual.

9 Students will be allowed on campus only with proof of payment of school fees or sufficient balance in their account

Due to the prevailing circumstance, social distancing in every aspect of the university life will be strictly observed. In this regard, the capacity of rooms, classrooms and other places gathering has been reduced in compliance with the Nigeria Centre for Diseases Control’s directives.  Batch B students consist of students in 200 Level and 300 level. They will arrive on Campus on October 25th, 2020.

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